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BBC One (2014)

Pete Jordi Wood joined the writing team at EastEnders to pen the script for an episode about series regular Stacey, and her relationship with her mum, Jean. In the show, Stacey shares the same diagnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder with her mum, and for many years supported her as her carer, both as a child and young adult. It was a situation which mirrored the writer’s personal experiences.

The thirty minute episode of this flagship BBC drama saw actors Lacey Turner and Gillian Wright reunited once again on screen in a series of scenes in which the characters recollected on the past, highlighting the strength of Stacey’s character in having been a young carer whilst simultaneously fighting her own mental illness.

The episode also featured appearances by Danny Dyer, Kellie Bright, Diane Parish, Jessie Wallace and other core members of the cast. The episode was well received by the press as a “Pick of the Day” episode in many publications. Dominic Treadwell-Collins exec produced, Lauren Cushman script edited, and Michael Owen Morris directed.