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I’ve followed and encouraged Pete Jordi Wood’s work for some years now. He is a terrific writer who has worked tirelessly both for his family and his talent. Like Pete himself, ‘The After Wards’ is funny, sweet, fragile, telling and true. Deeply rooted in the harsh realities of post-industrial Cornwall it nevertheless takes flight into a delightfully absurd, sexy and strange world all its own.

Mark Gatiss

Showrunner ‘Sherlock’, Screenwriter ‘Dr. Who’, Actor & Author


She’s pregnant. He doesn’t know it’s his. And a killer has returned. Man, ageing out is complicated… 

Christmas, Cornwall, 1999. When pregnant eighteen year old Jac Day “ages out” of the care system and is mistaken for the proprietor of a run down hotel, she attempts to turn it into a sanctuary for others like her. Jac embraces the opportunity to reopen “The Westways” for business, and masquerade as its manager but soon finds that she’s created a lawless melting pot of fraud, dirty money, and hallucinogenic drugs…

Jac races to realise her vision before the real owner of the hotel returns home and kicks her back to the curb. She recruits other Care Leavers (including her wayward Ex, Sky) to join her risky venture… helping them discover their – as yet unearthed – skillsets in the process.

However, when a dark secret reemerges from the Westways’ distant past, and the pseudo-family she’s created starts to crumble as fast as the hotel’s ancient guttering, Jac realises her decision to lie has proven to be a catalyst that will change everything: the town, her friends, and the way the world will see them forever…

The After Wards is a mature New Adult / Adult crossover novel for fans of mystery, crime-solving and romance. All rights reserved. This novel is available for publication.

I DON'T CARE: A Short Story

“What would you do if you only had one day? One day to live out your entire youth?”

When carer Luka Bartholomew is rewarded with a rare day of respite from his responsibilities on his birthday, he sets out on a quest to reclaim his lost youth… only to find himself stranded in the country’s number one retirement community.

A 10,000 word short story in four parts. Now a Channel 4 drama starring Iwan Rheon (“Game of Thrones”, “Misfits”) and Paloma Faith. Publishing rights reserved: this story is available for publication.